To ask or not to ask (if someone is vaccinated): That is the question

The great debate over COVID-19 rages onward, moving from one heated conversation to the next. The latest twist, of course, is getting vaccinated. Adding to the controversy is the question of whether or not an employer has the right to ask. And the answer is yes. Not only is it legal, but the Equal Employment […]

You’re never too old

With heightened sensitivity surrounding diversity in all aspects of life these days, most topics usually lead to racial bias and gender equality. However, age is often the forgotten class when it comes to creating an inclusive workplace. What exactly is ageism? Ageism, or age discrimination, is prejudice on the basis of someone’s age; whether it […]

Millennials: Shaping the future of the workplace

Millennials now make up a third of the workforce. So, what should that mean for businesses looking to hire and retain these younger employees? It seems that every generation has concerns about the generations that follow. And just because a generation is different than the one prior, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean worse. Millennials, […]

On or off?

If anyone out there is like me, listening to music while doing mundane tasks can make everything much more tolerable. Whether it be cooking, cleaning, or doing yardwork, listening to a playlist of my favorite songs can even makes chores seem fun (especially if no one is around and I can sing). So naturally, extensive […]

Working from home or living at work?

Many years ago, prior to the pandemic, working from home was regarded as somewhat of a novelty; the perception of a remote worker being someone lounging around in their pajamas all day, working part time, if at all. From a manager’s perspective, there needed to be a great deal of trust bestowed in this employee. […]

Returning to the Workplace: Overcoming the Obstacles

As we rapidly approach the one-year mark of COVID’S grip on our nation and adjust to its everlasting impact and fluidity, many obstacles for businesses still loom large. It seems that no sooner did company leaders realize that working remotely was a real solution, they are now faced with the challenge of how and when […]

Why and How You Should be Hiring Self-Motivated Employees

Self-motivation by pure definition alone means having the initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without prodding or supervision. Nothing means more to a remote team manager in these unprecedented times than having employees who can work hard without the need for close supervision. Because once hired, these self-motivators will not only get […]

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