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When you partner with Mj3, our team of expert recruitment consultants become an extension of your team and part of your overall strategy to acquire top-tier talent.

Mj3 Partners brings excellence to talent management.

We have an experienced team of professionals ready to seamlessly assist with your recruiting projects. Our results-driven recruitment model offers tremendous flexibility over costly traditional recruitment methods. With Mj3 Partners, our clients receive the benefit of impactful engagement, market intelligence, and quality results.

We begin each engagement with a significant investment in our clients so each project can be a success. We spend the time and make the effort up-front to know your business, understand your hiring needs in detail, and present market data. We quickly identify and qualify top-tier talent for you to make the best hire.

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The Mj3 Partners Recruiting Process


Mj3 Partners is flexible and will manage any part of your recruiting process from inception to hire. Our team will consult with you to determine the position(s) that will yield the best results.

Intake Meeting

Every successful engagement starts with open communication. During the intake meeting, we gain a complete understanding of your business and your corporate culture in order to build the ideal candidate profile.

Mj3 PACT™, the Partners Assurance Calibration Test

We understand the risk involved with choosing a new recruiting partner. That’s why we offer the Partners Assurance Calibration Test (PACT™) at no risk to you. After the intake meeting, Mj3 partners will perform a round of candidate testing to ensure we understand your hiring needs prior to starting the full candidate sourcing and outreach initiative.

Project Execution

By taking the key aspects of your corporate identity into consideration, Mj3 Partners is able to find the right candidate in less time and at a lower cost than traditional recruiting outsourcing options.

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