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We believe in a better way to recruit.

Explore a new world of recruiting with Mj3 Partners. Our belief in a better way is a promise of flexibility, efficiency, and personalized solutions. Come aboard for a recruitment experience that’s innovative, efficient, and geared for success.

Our Story

At the core of Mj3 Partners lies a belief in the power of betterment. When asked why we took the leap to start this company, the answer is simple: we believe in enhancing the product, the process, and most importantly, the client experience. Our mission is your betterment, the yardstick by which we measure our success.

We are your dedicated partner, collaborating with you to craft creative, flexible, and cost-effective talent solutions that propel your business forward. Committed to delivering innovative, customized recruitment outsourcing and talent solutions, we specialize in developing advanced strategies that keep you focused on your core business. Whether your hiring needs involve five individuals or 500, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Jill Curley, Managing Partner

Jill Curley

Managing Partner

For over twenty years, Jill has been helping companies become more efficient in the recruitment space. She has a passion for learning about companies, understanding their challenges and putting together creative solutions to help those companies achieve their goals. She brings a breadth and depth of experience in the recruitment industry which includes extensive job board experience, experience with coaching and assessments, and helping companies hire better candidates by specializing in passive candidate research. Jill received her BS in Business Administration from The University of New Hampshire, Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

Mark O'Brien, Managing Partner

Mark O’Brien

Managing Partner

Mark brings a wealth of management, client service and operational insight to the team with more than twenty years of experience in the finance and recruiting industries. During this time, Mark gained knowledge of all aspects of client service and delivery, from conversions and systems implementation to senior management overseeing as many as three distinct service groups. Mark’s extensive operational understanding combined with his in-depth knowledge of recruitment process has helped Mj3 Partners produce an unparalleled service offering. Mark makes full use of his BS in Human Resource Management from Salve Regina University.

Our Approach

Our team operates in close collaboration with you, following a meticulously integrated process and timeline to secure hires while enhancing overall quality and efficiency. With the ability to leverage the expertise of seasoned recruitment professionals, our quick and seamless implementation process ensures timely results. Mj3 Partners thrives on providing deep-dive analytics, offering insights into the candidate marketplace and recruiting landscape specific to your industry.

Tailored Solutions

We firmly believe there’s a better way to recruit, a better process, and a better candidate experience. Interaction with candidates is conducted on their terms, with a focus on treating each individual as important and valuable. Rooted in the business of helping people, we tailor our candidate outreach efforts by educating individuals about the compelling benefits of joining our client’s team, ensuring engagement through a personalized recruiting approach. Dedicated to the recruiting process, our efforts are geared towards establishing maximum connection and efficiency. 


Why Mj3 Partners Stands Out

We provide value through a cost-effective and easily understandable solution, fostering strong, trustworthy, and reliable relationships. Our user-friendly approach ensures a quick setup, emphasizing overall efficiency. With a commitment to flexibility, we strive to support professionals facing the challenge of assembling top-tier teams for robust companies. Mj3 Partners is not a one-size-fits-all answer; it’s the right solution tailored to the unique circumstances of your organization. 

The problem with traditional recruiting

In the early stages of Mj3 Partners, we recognized the prevalent challenges in traditional recruitment—rigid processes, lack of flexibility, and a one-size-fits-all approach that often fell short of addressing the unique needs of each organization. We saw the struggle businesses faced in finding top-tier talent swiftly while maintaining a cost-effective and efficient hiring process. This conflict fueled our determination to revolutionize the recruitment landscape.

Challenges Addressed

  • Traditional recruitment constraints stifled innovation and flexibility.
  • Organizations struggled to find top-tier talent within reasonable timeframes.
  • A lack of personalized solutions hindered efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Mj3 Partners emerged as the resolution to these challenges, bringing forth a new era of recruitment. Our commitment to betterment led us to develop an approach that values flexibility, efficiency, and client-centric solutions. By embracing on-demand recruiting, we shattered the barriers of traditional methods, introducing a dynamic model that adapts to the unique demands of each client.

"If you have not used a company with this model, you need to. Mj3 is now our go-to external recruiting partner."
Arian Lalezari
CEO, First RF

How Mj3 Partners Resolves These Challenges

Flexible Solutions

Mj3 Partners introduces a flexible, customizable approach tailored to the unique needs of each organization.

Efficient Talent Acquisition

Our on-demand model streamlines the recruitment process, delivering top-tier talent swiftly and cost-effectively.

Client-Centric Innovation

We prioritize client satisfaction, offering personalized solutions that enhance the overall recruitment experience.

With Mj3 Partners, the conflict of traditional recruitment challenges transforms into an opportunity for innovation and efficiency, ultimately leading to the betterment of our clients and their organizations.

Envisioning the Future

Looking ahead, the future for Mj3 Partners is a continuation of our commitment to betterment. We envision a landscape where on-demand recruiting becomes the standard, providing organizations with unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and personalized solutions. Our journey involves pushing the boundaries of innovation, expanding our reach to serve a diverse array of industries, and continuing to redefine the recruitment experience.

  • On-Demand as the Standard: Mj3 Partners sees a future where on-demand recruiting becomes the norm, offering organizations the agility to adapt to evolving talent needs.

  • Innovation Beyond Boundaries: Our commitment to innovation will drive us to explore new territories and revolutionize the way recruitment is approached globally.

  • Diverse Industry Impact: As we grow, our aim is to extend our impact across diverse industries, ensuring that organizations of all sizes and sectors can benefit from our unique approach.

  • Continuous Redefinition: The future involves an ongoing process of redefining the recruitment experience, staying at the forefront of industry trends, and consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients.

At Mj3 Partners, the future is a journey of continuous improvement, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to the success and betterment of the organizations we serve. As we forge ahead, we invite our clients and partners to join us in shaping a future where recruitment is synonymous with innovation, efficiency, and excellence.

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