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At Mj3 Partners, our comprehensive suite of services and streamlined processes redefine the recruitment experience, placing your hiring needs at the forefront. From hourly to salary, entry-level to executive positions, and everything in between, Mj3 is your trusted partner for fulfilling all your North American hiring requirements.  Our commitment to transparency and success is evident with our Guaranteed Deliverables, the Partners Assurance Calibration Test (PACT™), and weekly status calls. Explore a flexible and efficient approach to recruitment without the constraints of long-term contracts.

Recruiting Services

What we do

Recruiting in North America

Mj3 Partners brings its expertise to North America, catering to diverse industries and providing tailored recruitment solutions across the region.

Capped Hourly Recruiting Model

Our innovative and cost-effective model ensures transparent billing, allowing you to benefit from expert recruiting services without unexpected costs.


Efficiently sourcing both passive and active candidates to build a robust talent pipeline tailored to your specific needs.

Candidate Qualification

Thoroughly assessing candidates to ensure they meet the qualifications and cultural fit necessary for success within your organization.

Candidate Interview Scheduling

Streamlining the interview process with meticulous scheduling to save time and resources.

Candidate Pipeline Development

Strategically developing and nurturing a candidate pipeline to meet your ongoing and future recruitment needs.

Job Postings

Maximize visibility by posting jobs on relevant job boards to attract a diverse range of candidates.

Our process

How we do it

Our proven methodology empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition with ease. From initial intake meetings to targeted sourcing and candidate outreach, our process is designed to deliver results.

Source Passive
Source Active
The Mj3 Process
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Intake Meeting

Initiating each project with a structured intake meeting to ensure precise understanding and successful execution.

Partners Assurance Calibration Test

A pivotal step in our process, PACT™ ensures the delivery of the finest candidates tailored to your unique requirements.

Project Planning with Goals and Timelines

Collaborative project planning that establishes clear goals and timelines for seamless execution.

Develop Customized Process Documents

Crafting detailed and customized process documents to guide every phase of the recruitment journey.

Source Passive
Sourcing Passive Candidates

Proactive sourcing of passive candidates, tapping into hidden talent pools to expand your candidate options. Focused sourcing efforts that target organizations aligned with your specific hiring needs.

Source Active
Sourcing Active Candidates

Strategically source active candidates to ensure a diverse and comprehensive talent pool. Increase visibility by strategically posting job openings on relevant job boards at no additional cost.

Research Candidate Contact Information

Thorough research to gather candidate contact information, ensuring effective outreach.

Multi-Step Outreach Campaign

Engaging candidates through a multi-step outreach campaign to generate interest in your company and the position.

Qualification to Find the Top Candidates

Thoroughly assess the candidate’s skills, experience, and suitability for the position. Present only the most qualified and suitable candidates to the client, maximizing the chances of a successful match.

Weekly Status Calls

Regular communication through weekly status calls to keep you informed, address concerns, and adapt to evolving needs throughout the process.

"The weekly status meetings and responsiveness really set Mj3 apart. Also their qualifiers, in addition to the resume, was a very helpful tool used to evaluate candidates.”"
Angel Roman-Sombillo,
Sr. Customer Service Manager, Saint Gobain

What you get

Guaranteed Deliverables

Our commitment to excellence is backed by guaranteed deliverables, providing assurance in every phase of the recruitment journey.

Project Reporting

Detailed and insightful reporting to keep you informed about the project's performance and outcomes.

No Long-Term Contracts

Embrace flexibility with Mj3 Partners - our services come without the constraints of long-term commitments.

Candidate Export at Conclusion of Project – Client Owns Data

Upon project completion, you own all sourced candidate data for future use at no additional cost.

Multiple Hires on a Single Search with No Additional Cost or Fees

Efficiently make multiple hires on a single project without incurring extra costs or placement fees.

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