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As States begin to grapple with the questions and challenges of when and how to reopen safely and more conversations are focused on a positive direction, there are still so many people in need of assistance.

We have witnessed the efforts of so many helping their communities battle the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have seen the brave men and women on the front lines in hospitals, clinics, and drive-through testing sites.  We have gained a better appreciation for truck drivers, grocery workers, custodial services, and many other professionals for the critical work they do.  At Mj3, we’ve thought “How can we help?”  How can a company of professional recruiters and researchers also help at this time? The answer is so simple; we recruit.

Mj3 Partners is proud to announce free recruiting services for volunteer organizations that need more helping hands during this time.  We know there are food pantries, donation centers and shelters that desperately need donation pick-ups, food services and other staff to help with a growing demand.

Mj3 is perfectly postured to help those organizations fill positions. We were originally formed as a remote company with employees spread throughout the United States therefore, we already have communication systems and tested operational procedures in place.

Our standard recruiting model is unique and flexible which lends itself perfectly to recruiting in this environment.  Mj3 typically performs recruiting services on an hourly basis, which means we are adept at stepping in with optimal efficiency, understanding requirements and building a pipeline of qualified individuals quickly.

If you or someone you know is part of a volunteer organization and could use more volunteers to help with the Coronavirus response, please email info@mj3partners.com.

If your company is starting a reopen/rebuild plan with building pipeline for future openings and critical positions as part of those conversations, Mj3 Partners can also help.  We are a cost-effective, hourly-billed recruiting solution that can scale with your needs and supplement your existing team.

To all front-line workers and individuals helping with the fight, we want to say thank you.

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