The COVID-19 crisis: How Mj3’s clients and other companies across the globe are stepping up to help

Our team knows that COVID-19 has brought much uncertainty and confusion in the recent weeks. As we continue to feel the impact of this global shift, Mj3Partners remains committed to ensuring that you will be ready to fill roles when we are back to business as usual.

First and foremost, we want to give a huge thank you to all the healthcare, public health, law enforcement, public safety, first responders, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics, and all other essential employees on the front lines during these difficult times. We appreciate all that you do.

Mister Rogers said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”  We have been appreciating the companies that are stepping up and doing their best to help the community stay healthy and uplifted during this time.

Mj3 Partners can also help during this time.  Because we are an hourly recruiting service and not a contingency search firm, some of our clients have started to engage with us to build pipeline for their open positions during this time so they will be ready to fill roles when we are back to business as usual.

If you find yourself in a situation where you could benefit from some supplemental help without the costly contingency/placement fees, please contact us.

Mj3 is sending well wishes to you and your team.

Click the links below to read about how our clients and other companies are helping during this trying time:

ZOLL Executing a Plan to Build 10,000 Ventilators/Month in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

James Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days. He’s making 15,000 for the pandemic fight

Boston Scientific supporting project to build multiple ventilators in Covid-19 effort

LVMH is converting its perfume factories to make hand sanitizer

How Boston Scientific is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Gap Inc. is using its factories to make masks, gowns, and scrubs for healthcare workers

Apple will donate 10M face masks to healthcare workers

These companies are offering free stuff to medical workers during COVID-19 pandemic

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort donate excess food during coronavirus closure

Chewy Partnering with to Support Animal Shelters and Rescues Impacted by Current Events

Texas Roadhouse CEO giving up salary, bonus to pay workers during coronavirus outbreak

At Billionaire-Owned Patagonia Outdoor Clothing Chain, Employees To Be Paid Despite Store Closures Amid Coronavirus

The Covid-19 Pandemic Is a Crisis That Robots Were Built For

Eversource is Adapting to Serve You

How Medtronic is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Medtronic launches solutions to help monitor patients for COVID-19, aid triage support

Medtronic Publishes Design Specs for Ventilator to Combat Coronavirus

Sunquest Customers manage COVID-19 outbreak surveillance with help from Sunquest WorldCare™

IHI COVID-19 Guidance and Resources

Hologic’s Molecular Test for the Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization

Service Authority Coronavirus Information


A Message From True Citrus

Lubrizol’s relief project sends medical supplies to aid China’s hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus outbreak

Honeywell to make crucial N95 masks in Phoenix, hire 500

New England Patriots team plane flying 1.2 million N95 masks from China to help ease coronavirus shortages

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