Unlocking Top Talent: The Power of Passive Candidate Recruitment Strategies

The labor shortage today is no secret. Companies are continually announcing that they are hiring, sometimes begging for workers while also lamenting about the inability to find them. Government data shows that job openings outnumber the unemployed. Although workers are coming back, they are not returning as economists would have predicted given the strong availability of jobs and steadily rising wages.

How do business leaders retain the workers they have and recruit workers to fill gaps in coverage – passive candidate recruiting!  Recruiting passive talent refers to the practice of sourcing and hiring candidates who are not actively looking for new job opportunities. Instead, these individuals are currently employed and may not be actively seeking a new position.

Passive candidates are often high performers in their current roles, possess specialized skills, experience, and knowledge that can be valuable for your organization. Since passive candidates are not actively job hunting, there is generally less competition from other employers for their attention. This can give your organization a competitive advantage in attracting and securing top talent.

Keep in mind, passive candidates are less likely to be swayed solely by salary or immediate perks. They are often seeking opportunities for career growth, professional development, and a positive work environment.  They may be more selective about the companies they consider, focusing on organizations that align with their values and work culture.  As a result, they may be more committed to staying with your organization for the long term.

At Mj3 Partners, Inc. our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model specializes in passive candidate recruitment.  Every successful engagement starts with our intake meeting; here, we gain a complete understanding of your business and your corporate culture in order to build the ideal candidate profile.

After the intake meeting, Mj3 partners will perform our Mj3 PACT™, the Partners Assurance Calibration Test.  We execute a round of candidate testing to ensure we understand your hiring needs prior to starting the full candidate sourcing and outreach initiative.  We understand the risk involved with choosing a new recruiting partner. That’s why we offer the PACT™ at no risk to you.

The cost of hiring and onboarding a wrong-fit candidate can be significant.  By taking the key aspects of your corporate identity into consideration, Mj3 Partners is able to find the right candidate in less time and at a lower cost than traditional recruiting outsourcing options.  

Recruiting passive talent requires a strategic approach, as these candidates might be hesitant to leave their current roles. Building relationships, showcasing your company’s strengths, and offering opportunities for professional growth are essential to successfully attract and recruit passive candidates.

Let Mj3 Partners customize a plan for you!