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Case Study: Transforming Recruitment Success with Mj3 Partners


FIRST RF, a leading technology company, faced significant challenges in their recruiting efforts. Despite previous attempts with multiple recruiting agencies and their internal team, they struggled to find candidates who met their stringent criteria. They needed a solution to attract high-quality talent that aligned with their specific requirements.


Mj3 Partners stepped in as the solution to FIRST RF’s recruiting challenges. Highly recommended by their HR Manager, who had a successful history with Mj3, FIRST RF decided to give it a try. Here’s how Mj3 Partners addressed their needs:

  • Dynamic Candidate Quality: Mj3 Partners continuously improved the candidate pool. The initial candidates were good, but as the project progressed, they became even more precise in their focus, ensuring the right fit for FIRST RF.

  • Effective Communication: Mj3’s communication was excellent, striking the right balance. Regular status calls and thoughtful preparation helped FIRST RF make the most of their partnership.

  • Focused Recruitment Process: Mj3’s recruitment process stood out from other agencies. Instead of pushing for candidates with the highest salary, they prioritized finding the best fit for FIRST RF, aligning their interests more closely with the client’s success.

  • Collaborative Approach: Mj3 engaged FIRST RF in a cooperative and collaborative partnership. They asked insightful questions to help FIRST RF refine their ideal candidate profile, ensuring a better match.

  • Personalized Service: The relationship with Mj3 went beyond the transactional. FIRST RF developed a business friendship with the Mj3 team, enhancing the overall experience.

"Candidate quality is excellent. FIRST RF is a difficult place to recruit for. We are very picky and need specific skills and culture fit. Mj3 did very well with our restrictions.”
Arian Lalezari


The partnership with Mj3 Partners yielded significant results for FIRST RF:

  • Long-term Hires: Mj3 consistently delivered candidates who were not only technically qualified but also a cultural fit. This resulted in career longevity and zero attrition with Mj3 hires.
  • Collaboration Pays Off: The collaborative process helped FIRST RF identify and hire candidates who were the whole package, contributing to their success.
  • Personalized Relationship: FIRST RF and Mj3 formed a strong bond that extended beyond business, allowing them to share personal experiences and build a lasting partnership.
  • Exceptional Hires: An Embedded Systems Engineer hired through Mj3 was promoted to a Senior Leader within two years, exemplifying the quality of candidates provided by Mj3.



With Mj3 Partners, FIRST RF found a solution to their recruitment woes. Long-term, high-quality hires replaced the previous cycle of bad or non-existent candidates. The client wholeheartedly recommends Mj3 Partners to others. They highlight the innovative recruiting model, the excellence of Mj3 team members, and the overall value provided by Mj3 as compelling reasons to make them your go-to external recruiting partner.

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