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Case Study: Enhancing Talent Acquisition and Communication through a Strategic Partnership with Mj3 Partners


Alloy Holdings is a fast-growing organization which faced numerous challenges in their HR processes, particularly after a recent acquisition. They sought a strategic partner to provide inclusive and efficient talent acquisition services. Mj3 Partners stepped in as an extension of Alloy Holdings, bringing significant changes to their recruitment approach.


  • Alloy Holdings partnered with Mj3 Partners to improve their talent acquisition and communication processes.
  • Mj3 Partners actively sought feedback from Alloy Holdings and used it to tailor their approach, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive partnership.


Benefits from Working with Mj3 Partners

  • Mj3 Partners delivered a high level of talent and candidates within Alloy Holdings’ budget constraints, proving cost-effective recruitment.
  • Alloy Holdings learned how to create effective job assessments and profiles through the Mj3 Partners Intake Meeting Process, enhancing their recruitment strategy.
  • Weekly status calls with Mj3 Partners fostered open communication and inclusivity, allowing multiple members from Alloy Holdings to participate and provide feedback, avoiding a top-down hiring approach.


Communication and Transparency

  • Alloy Holdings praised Mj3 Partners for their weekly status reports and transparent flow of information, which provided a clear understanding of the value provided for the investment made.
  • Mj3 Partners maintained open channels of communication, making themselves readily available to discuss situations and seek feedback for continuous improvement.
  • The Mj3 team’s impressive reaction time and response to inquiries positively impacted the overall partnership experience.


"The Mj3 team was available any time we picked up the phone or sent an email. "
Ryan Powers
SVP, Operations


  • Mj3 Partners and Alloy Holdings collaborated on nine job requisitions.
  • Mj3 Partners successfully filled seven positions with time-to-fill ranging from 4 weeks to 11 weeks, with an average time-to-fill of 6.5 weeks.
  • The lowest cost per hire achieved was 3%, and the highest cost per hire reached 15%, resulting in an average cost per hire of 9%, inclusive of the three requisitions filled internally.



The collaboration between Alloy Holdings and Mj3 Partners yielded significant benefits for Alloy Holdings’ talent acquisition and communication processes. Mj3 Partners’ strategic approach and willingness to incorporate feedback fostered a true extension of Alloy Holdings’ team. The inclusive communication and efficient recruitment efforts resulted in successful hires within the organization’s budget constraints. Overall, Alloy Holdings found Mj3 Partners to be an invaluable and reliable partner in their pursuit of building a skilled and diverse workforce.

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