Hiring Strategies: Four Ways to Improve your Company’s Search for Talent

When unemployment is low and the job market is hot, that means good job candidates are in high demand. That’s great news for them, but not-so-great news for companies competing to attract such a limited number of quality candidates. If your job postings aren’t generating much interest, here are a few things to consider that may give your recruiting efforts a boost.

Revisit your ads

Look at your job postings with a fresh set of eyes, and maybe even ask for feedback from colleagues. Many companies put out the same old ads for years, without ever updating the format. Candidates might be scrolling through hundreds of job postings during their search, so make yours stand out. Instead of simply presenting a laundry list of what you are looking for from the applicant (proficiency in Word, excellent communication skills, highly motivated, etc.), try drawing them in by highlighting all the good things your company can offer, such as opportunities for growth, great benefits, flexible schedules, or whatever else might set you apart. Also, beware of scaring off good candidates with a list of unrealistic “required” skills that any sharp new-hire can quickly learn with a little training.

Polish up your online presence

In addition to revamping the wording on your job postings, spruce up your website so that it’s visually appealing. Once you’ve piqued their interest, job seekers are likely to do a bit of research on your company, which generally consists of browsing your website. Short informational videos or pictures with captions are more interesting to the eye and can convey a lot of information in a quick yet interesting manner, especially compared to large, dull blocks of text. Make sure your site is easily found and contact information is readily available. Also, set it up so that the application is streamlined and a resume can be submitted with a simple click or two – you don’t want to lose their interest to the point that they just give up and move on to the next company.

Choose you ambassadors wisely

Although there may be one particular person who’s making the final hiring decision, that person is not always the best choice for the first contact. Let’s face it, there are some people who just make a better first impression, and can set the right tone for the candidate’s experience. When the candidate sits down for that first interview, the interviewer automatically becomes the ambassador representing the entire company. Make sure you choose an ambassador who is not only professional, but also open, welcoming, and enthusiastic. Some people, although quite good at their other job functions, come across awkwardly in an interview situation and can be perceived as cold or disinterested. If the applicant can’t picture himself working with the people he’s meeting, then he will likely opt for another job where he feels more connected.

Take a look in the mirror

As much as you may want to blame other factors for your hiring struggles, maybe it’s you. In a market that favors the job seekers, if you can’t step up to the competition, you might be going home without a rose tonight. It could be that you’re in a lousy location with a brutal commute, or the office is shabby, drab, and depressing. Take a good look around and try to walk through the interview experience through the candidate’s eyes. In many cases it comes right down to salary, so if you’re losing strong people over a few thousand dollars, look into that budget and see what you can do. If there really is no money available to make you competitive, try offering something to compensate, like reduced hours, or extra vacation time. Aside from salary, most workers value time off as a determining factor when deciding between multiple job options, so try to put up a good fight.

Every individual has a different idea of the perfect job, and in many cases your company just won’t fit the bill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attract other great candidates. Just as you expect candidates to put their best foot forward for you, you need to put your best foot forward for them. Any investment you make now will be well worth it if you are able to secure some great workers that will benefit the organization in the future.

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