An Open Letter to New Job Applicants, Explaining
What You’re Doing Wrong

Dear Applicant, Thank you so much for your recent interest in joining our organization. Regretfully, we are unable to offer you the position at this time. As part of our screening process we like to provide feedback to our applicants, which we hope you will find helpful. Here’s a fun fact, Corndog: Employers nowadays often […]

Brand and Deliver: The Importance of Establishing Your Organization’s Identity

If you think “branding” means coming up with a catchy slogan and a pretty logo, you’re kind of wrong – but you’re also kind of right. Logos and tag lines are key components of an overall branding strategy, but branding itself is a broader process. Branding is better described as: establishing an identity in the […]

Job Searching in the Modern Age: Using
Technology to Up Your Game

Your resume is updated. Your suit is pressed and ready to go. So if you think the next step is to buy a copy of the Sunday paper and flip to the “Help Wanted” section, then you would be absolutely correct, in 1985. Don’t get me wrong, the eighties were spectacular; they brought us parachute […]

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