Unlocking Employee Well-Being: The Rise of the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), the latest buzz phrase making its way into mainstream business, is a relatively new and evolving position in some companies.  The primary responsibility of a CHO is to focus on employee well-being and happiness. In today’s competitive job market, companies recognize that happy employees are more likely to be engaged, productive, […]

Benefits and Pitfalls of Pay Transparency

Pay transparency

In our last post, we discussed laws that prohibit asking applicants about prior pay and new legislation that requires employers reveal salary ranges in postings or at specific stages in the hiring process. Salary history and pay transparency laws aim to reduce gender and racial pay discrimination. Although the laws vary by state, employers should […]

What You Should Know About Pay Transparency Laws

Pay transparency

In the old days, Hiring Managers could ask how much your previous job paid, employees who shared salary information could be fired, and job postings rarely included the salary range unless it was a government or union job. But those days are gone, and the growing employment trend is toward laws that require more salary […]

Achieve Health Resolutions at Work

Office Exercise

It’s January, let the resolutions begin! Whether it’s losing weight, eating better, or getting off the couch—now is the time to commit to self-improvement. Unfortunately for most people, heartfelt New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten by February.  Employers, however, can be major drivers to help staff achieve their health goals, and when that happens, it’s […]

The Power of Gratitude

The power of gratitude

Anxious about your job, your health, the state of the economy? Join the crowd. To varying degrees, worry has always been with us. We have all been guilty of fretting about small and large issues, real and imagined. When you consider the uncertainty of the last few years, it’s no wonder people are anxious. The […]

What You Should Know About Quiet Firing

Quite Firing

Last time we posted on the fallout from Quiet Quitting. Today, we examine the consequences of Quiet Firing—purposely creating unfavorable work conditions to get an employee to quit. Whether Quiet Quitting or Quiet Firing, today’s silent workforce war may be a result of overstressed employees and managers, or a symptom of limited interpersonal skills, but […]

Three Tips to Silence Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting

Whether you consider quiet quitting an alarming uptick in lazy employees or a justified attempt at work/life balance, this attitude toward work negatively impacts workers and employers alike. It may be a new term, but it refers to an attitude that has been around forever. We all know people who only do the minimum required, […]

Three Tips so Ghosting Doesn’t Haunt Your Hiring Process

Ghosting (stopping all communication without explanation) started as a dating term, but it has become an alarming and harmful trend in the talent world. When job seekers are ghosted, they’re left with a bad candidate experience and an unpleasant perception of the employer. When employers are ghosted, they’re left with wasted time and delays in […]

Could new pay transparency laws lead to better pay equity for U.S. workers?

In the last two years across the talent landscape, we’ve seen disruptions in the economy like never before with wages up 4.5% which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is the biggest increase in 39 years. As companies had to compete for talent, they were paying higher starting wages while existing employee wages remained […]

What does the state of the economy have to do with recruiting? Everything.

In a speech on Monetary Policy and Price Stability, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell described the current labor market as lopsided. In July, the U.S. economy added 500,000 jobs and yet there are twice as many job vacancies as there are unemployed people. This is all to say that it’s still a strong candidate market […]

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