Drafting a Killer Cover Letter

Job searching can be a frustrating process, and just when you’ve crafted that perfect resume that’s sure to impress, you realize that you need a killer cover letter, too. Every Sherlock needs a Watson, and in the job-search world the cover letter is your resume’s Watson – a smart sidekick that elevates its game. It […]

Getting Past the Gatekeeper: 5 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door

If you’ve ever tried to get a meeting with a potential client only to be turned away at the door, then you’ve probably encountered a gatekeeper. Gatekeepers can range from a personal assistant or receptionist, up to a high-level manager, but they all have one thing in common: they are keeping you from reaching the […]

OFFICE ETIQUETTE: Are You Driving Your Co-workers Crazy?

Good manners are important in all aspects of life. So why do some people feel that common courtesy and etiquette don’t apply at the office? Your co-workers are a bit like roommates, and they don’t want you encroaching on their space, or leaving a mess for them to clean up. Some of these “roommates” may […]

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