Who we are

People will sometimes ask why we did it. Why start a company? Why take the risk? I suppose it isn’t much of a risk if you BELIEVE. What did we believe in? We believed in the BETTERMENT: the betterment of a product and process, the betterment of the client experience, the betterment of the services we provide – the betterment of life!

This may seem pretty heavy for a welcome message. It is, and it should be. Your partnership with us is significant. Your betterment is our mission, and the means by which we measure our success. To that goal, we offer a recruitment model with unique flexibility and custom-fit talent sourcing, meticulously designed to optimize your resource management, as well as your investment. With over 50 years of collective recruitment experience, we don’t just BELIEVE there’s a better way, we KNOW there is.

We are excited to partner with you. We appreciate what you bring to Mj3 Partners, and we look forward to achieving the betterment, together. Welcome!

Jill Curley, Managing Partner

Jill Curley

Managing Partner

For over twenty years, Jill has been helping companies become more efficient in the recruitment space. She has a passion for learning about companies, understanding their challenges and putting together creative solutions to help those companies achieve their goals.  She brings a breadth and depth of experience in the recruitment industry which includes extensive job board experience, experience with coaching and assessments, and helping companies hire better candidates by specializing in passive candidate research. Jill received her BS in Business Administration from The University of New Hampshire, Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

Mark O'Brien, Managing Partner

Mark O’Brien

Managing Partner

Mark brings a wealth of management, client service and operational insight to the team with more than twenty years of experience in the finance and recruiting industries. During this time, Mark gained knowledge of all aspects of client service and delivery, from conversions and systems implementation to senior management overseeing as many as three distinct service groups. Mark’s extensive operational understanding combined with his in-depth knowledge of recruitment process has helped Mj3 Partners produce an unparalleled service offering. Mark makes full use of his BS in Human Resource Management from Salve Regina University.

Our Clients

At Mj3 Partners, we believe that understanding your business is critical to pinpointing your hiring needs and sourcing qualified candidates. We would never ask you to invest in us unless we were fully committed to investing in you, as demonstrated by our unique process and proven success. Our scope of industry knowledge and experience, paired with a passion for what we do, is what truly distinguishes us from the crowd. Whether it’s a small, short-term project, or a large-scale, enduring collaboration, Mj3 Partners is the right solution for you.